iTank Smart :
iTank Smart
  • Features :
  • Highly reliable fully concealed no contact float switch working at low voltage.
  • Energy indication. To indicate the energy that consumed by the motor.
  • Excellent motor protection against low voltage, high voltage.
  • Field configurable safe working voltage (both during start and RUN) and currents for the motor.
  • 2*16 LCD indication (Status, Voltage, Current and Energy) with three push button menu control.
  • Optional level indication.
  • Real time(user settable) Tank refill option.
  • Optional timers relay (User settable ON time and OFF time), can be used for surveillance lighting, water springer, etc.,
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Operating Voltage 1Ø 150 to 170 V
    Operating Current 1Ø 25A
    Timer Relay Potential free 1A per relay
    Measurement Accuracy 1%
    Operating Voltage of Sensor 5V DC
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