Servo Lite :

SERVO LITE is an entry level servo stabilizer control card, with innovative features like three windows trip, event logger etc..

  • Salient Features :
  • Fast(40ms) correction.
  • Field programmable servo parameters including correction accuracy using push button and LCD.
  • Phase reversal/single phasing protection.
  • Real time correction.
  • As the correction is done based on real time signal measurement, the servo will be stable even in non sinusoidal environments.
  • Field Programmable 3 stage TRIP and trip delay for low voltage, high voltage and overload.
  • Event Logging, Details of last trip is capture and stored in EEPROM. Elapsed time also displayed for evaluating the cause.
  • User friendly HMI.
  • Field programmable servo parameters and are stored in NV memory.
  • independent output voltage setting.
  • As the servo parameters are stored in Non-volatile memory, the servo parameters will be retained forever.
  • The servo parameters like regulation voltage, high cutoff, low cutoff and overload cutoff can be configured in the field without switching off the servo and without disturbing the Hardware.
  • In the conventional analogue board all the servo parameters are configured with variable resistors. The resistance may change on ageing, which affects the servo configuration. In ServoLite all the parameters are stored digitally in the Non-volatile memory.
  • Three Stage Trip is one of the salient advantages over conventional analogue board. All the cutoffs can be configured in three stages.
  • This will be very useful in the overload cutoff. For the inductive load the starting current will be more. In the analogue board the over load cutoff is configured in such a way to accommodate the staring current. So the purpose of the overload cutoff shall not be met. But here in servo Lite, over load can be differentiated from the starting current as below.
  • 15 A for 10sec         20A for 5sec and            30 A immediate

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