AVR(Static stabilizer) Control Board.


MCU based stabilizer control card with wide operating voltage and rich features. 3x7 segment displays realtime input Voltage, Out put voltage and load current. Supports up to 5 relays with built in driver. Over load detection and trip to protect transformer and relays.

  • Salient Features :
  • All the measurements are done in digital form.
  • Relay operation synchronised with zero cross.
  • Programmable start up delay                                           .
  • Quick start push button.

Smart Guard :

Available in LCD(16*2) and 5*7 segment format. This is an innovative product which prevents equipment from high, low voltages, phase reversal, single phasing and overload this too has innovative three level trip for low voltage, high voltage and overload.

  • Salient Features :
  • All the measurements are done in digital domain.
  • Field programmable.
  • 3 Window trip.
  • 5 x 7 Segment LED display
  • Inbuilt audio alarm during error conditions.
  • LED indication for Low, High voltages and overload.
  • Optional startup delay.


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