Smart Servo :

SMART SERVO is an innovative servo stabilizer control card, with True Rms Measurement , Multi Parameter display inbuilt event logger and optional ModBus Connectivity

  • Features :
  • Fastest Correction.
  • True RMS Measurement and correction. So the stabilizer will be stable in non sinusoidal environment say Generator, Inverters.
  • No Variable Resistor to configure the stabilizer parameters. Which ensures that the stabilizer parameters will not be drifted for years.
  • Independent output voltage setting.
  • Event Logger to register the last error condition. And the minimum and maximum voltage as well as maximum voltage.
  • 40 x 4 LCD module.
  • Easy connection.
  • Parameters:
  • Line to Neutral Voltage
  • Line to Line voltage
  • Load Current
  • Active, Reactive Power
  • PF
  • Frequency
  • Active Energy
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