SP Lite :

It is the single phase version of Servo Lite. This is available in both LCD(16*1) and seven segment format.

Microcontroller based single phase servo stabilizer :

  • Salient Features :
  • Fast(40ms) correction.
  • Field programmable servo parameters including correction accuracy using push button and 5x7 Seg LED Display..
  • Real time correction.
  • As the correction is done based on real time signal measurement, the servo will be stable even in non sinusoidal environments.
  • Field Programmable 3 stage TRIP and trip delay for low voltage, high voltage and overload.
  • Event Logging, Details of last trip is capture and stored in EEPROM. Elapsed time also displayed for evaluating the cause.
  • User friendly HMI.
  • Field programmable servo parameters and are stored in NV memory.

Documents related to this product

Brochure         User Guide       Pinout Diagram      Board Layout

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